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A stress-free world

We take away the stress involved with the process of getting organized while building or renovating a home


Where we put in the work

We connect all the dots and guide you through the thinking process needed to create effective storage solutions


And you enjoy the finished product!

Having an orderly home allows for a calm state of mind to spend more time focusing on what is essential


Armarium Studio provides an individual approach giving personal attention to each project addressing the simplest closet renovation concern to the most complex residential project. We work with local businesses and services to provide quick and efficient storage solutions in a streamlined, stress-free process. We are committed to helping you with whatever obstacle you have regarding closet design and execution.

Choosing a storage professional to work with can be an overwhelming process as it is virtually impossible to compare "apples to apples". 


We will collect information about your project and create a functional design. With this service, you'll have access to all the information gathered along the process, which includes: measurements, photos, inventory, and closet design.


For architects and builders, this will save time in the bidding process and ensure that the client will get what they need.

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New Construction and Renovations



We are passionate about helping clients achieve functional closet and storage throughout the home. An assessment process needs to happen way before construction begins. 


By taking inventory of your current storage situation and comparing it against the plans proposed, we can spot areas of opportunity and collaborate with the execution team to avoid costly mistakes while creating efficient layouts.

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